What is Nicolle Wallace the wife of Sam Stein, According to Politico?

Sam Stein is the White House editor of Politico and a frequent journalist for MSNBC. He was previously employed at The Daily Beast as a editor of politics as well as at HuffPost as an editor and White House correspondent and political editor.
Stein is a Dartmouth College graduate, worked as the press secretary at the Center for Public Integrity and obtained a master’s degree in journalism at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2007.

Sam Stein’s and Nicolle Wallace’s Relationship

The two Sam Stein and Nicolle Wallace are television stars who appear to be having a typical friend-colleague relationship and might require to be matched via broadcasting.

Stein Wallace and Wallace Both are MSNBC contributors, one of them as anchors for Deadline: White House and the other is an contributor. In addition Wallace, one of the Politico reporter was featured on one of the current shows on March 19, 2021.
They do not want to be sexually involved and don’t have a natural family. neither has said that they’re cousins or brothers However, they could be fantastic close friends.

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Nicolle was also recently married Michael S. Schmidt, an American journalist and best-selling writer who works as a reporter to The New York Times in Washington, D.C. In addition, in the year 2019 she got married but got divorced from Mark Wallace, an American businessman, former diplomat and lawyer.
Political thoughts of Sam Stein (Wikipedia) Stein is a journalist who had a stint at Politico as an editor in the White House editor and has since long been a contributor for MSNBC, the American pay-TV news channel MSNBC.

Sam Stein is a writer who lives in New York

Additionally to that, the journalist been with The Daily Beast’s political department for three and a quarter years. Ten years ago the journalist was also an White House journalist and political editor at HuffPost.

Sam is, as per Politico is a man with a profound understanding of the Obama-Biden era and the people who work in it and an acute comprehension of the current fractious political landscape. In Washington the president is also a powerful journalist to be considered.

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Journalist Sam Stein’s Wife

Sam has been married for 12 years to Jessica Leinwand, an American lawyer. She works for Facebook as executive director as well as a strategic counsel according to an insider. They have been married for 12 years, and they exchanged vows at an official wedding ceremony in 2009.

They were introduced in Dartmouth College and moved on to Columbia University, where they both earned degrees. they were in love and got they got married. Stein as well as Leinwand also toast every year on the 18th, to celebrate their anniversary as husband and wife.

Jessica is also part of the White House staff during the administration of Barack Obama, the forty-fourth president of the United States, where she was an associate counsel and a trial attorney at the Department of Justice. The couple hasn’t disclosed any details regarding their wedding ceremony to the general public, but.

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Sam Stein, father of two adorable children

Stein is now living with his partner and two gorgeous children. The journalist is father of two beautiful boys.

Jamie Alfred Leinwand, his first child was born in 2017, and is celebrated every year on the 3rd of January. Sam has not yet shared details about his son which was born in November this year. Jamie was 6 kilograms 9 ounces, 6 kilos, and 20 inches at birth however there’s not enough information available online regarding his brother.

He is also known as a quiet man who isn’t willing to share personal details of his lives on Twitter. However, he does post photos of his friends and family on twitter. At 508.2k users and 69.4k tweets about his work and personal thoughts, he also has verified accounts under the @samstein.


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