Find the most romantic Sad love poetry here. Check out our love hurts broken hearts, sorry, poetry about breakups and love. Melancholy love poetry is a way to describe the joy and pain of love, as this poem about lost love, does.

If I’d Never Met You
If I’d never met you,
I don’t think I’d feel pain.
Of losing your sweet love;
I’m not sure I’d feel insane.

But if I’d never met you,
I would never have known the joy
Of the sweet gifts of ecstasy
And memories to cherish.

We are now moving on with our lives,
I make an uneasy smile.
Inquiring about what went wrong
I’m wondering what might have happened.

There’s a huge need for “love hurts” poems and breakup love poems like this broken heart poem.

Farewell My Love

Do you really believe that our love has ended?
Is it time to end our journey?
Too soon, it’s too fast, my love for me;
You smile effortlessly But I am able to sigh.

We’ve lived our lives together and gave so much love;
I’m not sure how we’re going to break up;
You’re heading toward a brand new life, without me.
There are scars on my heart broken.

Now, go ahead If you have to I’ll go along with you.
It’s a lot of pain I’m not going to want you to be aware of.
I’ll release you from prison without guilt.
However, as you leave your home, tears of silent sorrow will begin to flow.

I’m not mad. I love you far too much.
I’m hiding my sadness right now so that you won’t be sure.
Sweet happiness is what I would like for you.
My love, goodbye. I wish you well.

Sad love poems express feelings of sadness. This poem about lost love could be a good choice after a divorce or breakup, or even death.

You Were My Everything

You were my entire world;
You’re gone now.
I’m not strong enough.
To go on.

The skies always appeared sunny
If you were here,
There’s nothing more than gloom
In my space.

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I am so grateful for you;
All I wanted was you;
My entire world is now my
It’s sad and depressing.

I’d like to begin feeling
Other than blue
You were my everything,
What should I do?

Sad love poems can be a description of the dynamics of relationships, like this sad love poem.

Is This What Love Is?

Are we all that we have in common?
Does this mean that love truly is?
A scream through a fight
Do you want to make up with A kiss?

How come we don’t seem to be friends?
Why are we forced to fight?
We will be able to find true love in the day
Then, feed lust continues throughout the night.

I wish we’d settle down;
I’m curious about where peace went.
What is the reason we shout on one another?
Why aren’t we satisfied?

If that’s what love is,
If the tenderness is present,
I’m constantly thinking about it,
It’s better to be with your friends.

What should you do when your loved ones have passed away? This poem about love and loss addresses this question.

Be A Memory

My life has changed since then.
I love it. Some of it is very nice.
More time, plenty of freedom,
However, you
I am constantly wandering through my thoughts.
I feel a pinch or a small painful stab,
whenever I think of good times,
even the less-than-perfect times.
I would love to have this new lifestyle.
Could it be just an image?


Sad love poems can be used to describe an unsatisfactory, ongoing relationship, just as this sad love poem describes.

Is It Enough?

When we talk we’re talking about surface issues;
We may say a few phrases But is that enough?
We’re all in the same boat We rarely fight.
Where is the spark or the joy, the pleasure?

We’ve settled into the exact routine.
Sometimes, I’d like to leave this place.
It’s all easy. We don’t need to worry about roughing it,
However, I often wonder if is it enough.

In A Daze

I am walking through the streets in a stupor…
my hollowed out, inside
that is awash with smoke and gloom.
I am choking away all joy.
Just as the world starts to become clearer,
I gasp in shock at the thought,
You’re not here;
You will never be the same ever again.
I’d like to be waterlily
The desert.
I am walking through the streets in a stupor…

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More Heart Break Poems

The poems about unrequited love are some of the saddest poetry about love that is sad, and they are in the case of this poem.

If Raindrops Were Tears

If raindrops were tears, they would be
It rained almost every day,
The rain wasn’t able to wash away the sand.
My heart aches are gone.

You’re still my ideal;
My love never dies,
However, it cuts through the bone
What do I see in your eyes?

I want you to stop.
You’d like to have your friends
You’ll be my real love
Till the breath is gone and life ceases.

Poetry about love can convey emotions of insanity and pain as this poem of love and sorrow does.

Now That You’re Gone

After you’re gone I’m aware
You truly meant a lot to me.
My loss is as vast as the night sky is starless,
And as deep as a stormy sea.

I’m missing the sweet comforts of your love,
Your absolute devotion;
Now, I’m a gushing fountain of tears in the endless night.
A sad pool.

They say I need to continue living my life,
The time is coming to be the cure for my pain.
I smile and nod, and am with them.
As I slowly get insane.

My favorite romantic poem about love is the lost poem. It’s a kind of apology, and I suppose it’s an apology love poem.

If Only

If only I’d done these things
To keep true love alive
I shouldn’t be required to admit it now.
Our love is not able to endure.

If only I had explained to you
The joy you brought me,
Instead of making you complain,
You shouldn’t have set me free.

If I had kissed you, touched you, your lips, love,
If I had loved you stronger,
If I’d appreciated you,
We could have lasted for longer.

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If I’d often been able to tell you,
“It’s you whom I adore,”
Maybe you’d be around with me today,
If I could have told you anything else, I would have told.

If only I’d been treated by you
As if we were best friends,
I’m not the only one in sorrow,
Our faded love comes to an end.

If I didn’t have to say,
“If only, my love, if only,”
I can’t imagine being all by me
We are sorry, we are depressed and sad.

This is a heartbreaking love poem that many unhappy lovers can relate to.

Time to Say Goodbye

My heart breaks in my chest;
You are still the one I love;
My tears are gushing:
I don’t want to be loved anymore.

I am a sleepwalker every day;
I beg heaven for help,
We hope you’ll reconsider your decision,
But I’m sure I’ve lost your affection.

I would like to see things differently.
I’d like it to be exactly as it was.
However, the reality is not compassion;
It’s all in the way it is.

Will I ever feel better?
On days that I don’t weep?
Whatever happens, is happening, it’s time to end the conversation.
Goodbye, my dear goodbye.

Nothing Left to Lose

I’m not sure what to do.
For me to get back to you.
I’ve got nothing more to lose.
I’m crying, sadness and blues.

Every bridge has been crossed.
I think our love may be lost.

A lot of people are searching for a love prayer and I believe that it should be on the sad love poetry page. Here’s the poem.

A Prayer for Love

I’m praying for you, Jesus, my Lord.
To fulfill my heart’s deepest desire, a perfect love.
I hope You’ll grant me someone who truly cares
Who knows me, who shares,
My answer for my greatest dreams,
Two of us, the perfect team.
The Lord is with us, and when every day has come to an end,
I pray that we give our hearts to You.

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